Amilcar Cabral Enamel Hinged Pin


Celebrate the indomitable spirit of Amilcar Cabral, a true hero of liberation and an inspirational figure in the fight for independence in Africa. Our Amilcar Cabral Enamel Hinged Pin is a thoughtful and stylish tribute to this remarkable revolutionary leader.

Product Details:

Size: Approximately 1.55 inches in height
Material: Premium enamel and durable metal
Hinged Design: Allows for movement and versatility
Backing: Secure double rubber backing for easy attachment

This hinged enamel pin captures the essence of Amilcar Cabral's dedication to the struggle for freedom and justice. With its intricate design and hinged functionality, it adds a touch of elegance to any outfit or accessory.

Whether you're passionate about African history, social justice, or simply admire Amilcar Cabral's legacy, this pin is a meaningful way to keep his memory alive and to inspire conversations about the importance of activism and change.